A resource for learning and tinkering with Arduino

A resource for learning and tinkering with Arduino

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Flappy Bird

So I usually focus on Arduino related projects I've recently been tinkering with Scratch. For those who may not know Scratch is a graphical programming language designed to help kids and beginning programmers learn the basics of coding without having to worry as much about some of the frustrating aspects such as compiling, syntax, typos, etc. It focuses on making simple games easy to produce. So when my High School students started raving about the game "Flappy Bird" on their smart phones I decided to make a project out of it. I played the game for a bit and saw that it was a fairly simple game, a bird jumps up and down and tries to fit between the gap in 2 pipes, each set of pipes cleared is worth a point, when you eventually hit one you die and your score is saved. It's pretty basic but kids everywhere are raving about it. I tried to mimic the game as closely as I could in Scratch and found it wasn't too hard to do. Scratch does a lot of the heavy lifting that would normally be associated with this type of program and I was able to finish the project in the spare time I had over about 3 days. You can check it out here. The code is available if you click "look inside." You can even copy the project and make your own editions. Have fun!

Here is a screenshot of the original game:

Here is a screenshot of my version:

I think I got it pretty close :)

Edit: I figured out how to embed the game here :)

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